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Peggy O`Neill

As a little person succeeding in a BIG world, Peggy has been traversing the front lines of personal transformation for over three decades. Coming from the field of psychotherapy, Peggy is a sought-after speaker, award-winning author, skillful life-coach and featured teacher in the new self-help movie The Opus.

Peggy is a spirited advocate for positive living and is wholeheartedly committed to empowering others and increasing unity amidst diversity. Whether speaking to professionals, women, students, or those with disabilities she shows people how to "Walk Tall" —to break free from whatever holds them back, move through life celebrating differences and sharing their innate magnificence.

Peggy is the author of two books: Walking Tall and Little Squarehead. She also serves on the board of Disability Rights CA and the Los Angeles chapter of the National Speakers Association. Peggy celebrates her daily life, with her husband Brad Laise, an actor, and their dogs in Los Angeles (Woodland Hills), California.

Beauty from the Inside Out: How to Love the Way You Look NO MATTER WHAT

Peggy O`Neill

Standing 3’ 8” Peggy O’Neill knows what it’s like to look different. Serious illness or injury can suddenly throw us into that same boat whether we like it or not, and it can be very difficult to deal with. Join Peggy as she shares her bumpy life journey, and learn how she came to accept and then bask in the light of her differences.

This program will help you whether you are the one that looks different or trying to help someone who is. You will learn:

  • The three biggest challenges faced by people who look different

  • Five ways to overcome those three biggest challenges

  • How to deal with the unspoken uneasiness that others show with your difference

  • How to gain your sense of self-worth from within rather than from without

  • Why people have to be careful when they are around people who look different

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