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Are you dealing with
medical challenges? is where you will learn coping skills from WORLD-CLASS experts who share their wisdom to apply to YOU.

Reduce your stress,

Restore your hope,

and feel better... FAST

We can help you whether you are dealing with breast cancer, lung cancer, HIV, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or any other serious condition.

We can help you whether you are the patient or the patient's caregiver, brother, sister, child, spouse, or friend.


We believe that our materials should be free to those who need them. 


That's why our programs are free to enjoy online, or to download
for personal use on digital players such as iPods.
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Karyn Buxman, RN, MS, CSP, CPAE
Karyn Buxman

Greg Godek
Greg Godek
Best selling author

Sheryl Roush
Sheryl Roush
12-time Author

Our experts are doctors, authors, and professional speakers with years of experience, many with appearances on major networks such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News, and many of whom have been quoted and even featured in major magazines and newspapers.

Our recipe for learning coping skills:

  • Take one serving of our experts' proven principles of business, success and happiness.
  • Filter them through the "lens" of those living with medical challenges.
  • Add a dash of humor.
  • Mix thoroughly, then serve in the form of audio, video, and text.
  • Offer them for free online access at!

The result: STUNNING ideas and insights to help you cope with your medical challenges

You will be amazed how much you learn
from our unique, one-of-a-kind programs
that are not available anywhere else
in the universe at any price.

Who can we help?

How can non-medical
 experts help me?

Our content is for anyone dealing with breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, HIV, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, or any other serious or chronic illness or condition. 

You find our programs comforting and helpful whether you are the patient, the family caregiver, family, or even friends.

Each of our experts is highly qualified in their fields: doctors in medicine; authors in their special subjects; speakers who explain their subjects LIVE in front of audiences around the world. Listen for the sound of truth ringing in your ears

For example, the principles of teamwork are normally taught to business groups by a business expert. Those principles, however, are the same whether applied in business or to a family working together for a patient.  That's how a business expert can help you!

About Our recordings

Most recorded programs with our experts are in the form of informal conversations with our founder, Dave Balch, who was a caregiver for his wife through four bouts with breast cancer. 

In these "Dialogs with Dave" our experts talk with Dave about what they have learned in their many years of experience in their fields.

A few examples of our programs (many programs have handouts as well, which you can download):

  • Humor experts explain how to find humor in challenging times and difficult situations
  • A romance expert helps you “Keeping the Romance Alive”
  • A body language expert tells you how to use and interpret body language
  • A surgeon tells you how to improve doctor-patient communications
  • Productivity experts share ideas on how to stay productive during serious illness
  • An organization expert tells you how to keep your life organized to reduce stress
  • An attitude expert tells you how to stay sane and lighthearted in stressful times
  • A stress expert gives you some stress management techniques
  • A communications expert gives you tips on communicating with doctors, nurses, family, and friends

See a list of our "curriculum"

An unprecedented line-up of experts share their wisdom
to reduce your stress and restore your hope.

Here are just a few:

Karyn Buxman RN, MS, CSP, CPAE

Karyn Buxman RN, MS, CSP, CPAE

"How to Find Humor During Challenging Times"

Karyn was awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award
by The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH).

Karyn's page and program are here

Greg Godek

Greg Godek

"Keeping the Romance Alive During Serious Illness"

Greg Godek is the author of the 3-million-copy bestseller
1001 Ways To Be Romantic
and has appeared
on Oprah, Donahue, and The Today Show

Greg's page and program are here

Sheryl RoushSheryl Roush

"How to Stay Sane and Lighthearted in Stressful Times"

Sheryl is author of 12 books and
an internationally recognized professional speaker.

Sheryl's page and program are here

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