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Jeff Tobe, CSP

Jeff Tobe is an expert in creative thinking, a professional speaker who communicates creative thinking principles over 100 times a year to audiences around the country, and a cancer survivor having recently beaten an extremely unusual form of cancer. His combination of talent and experience makes him uniquely qualified to tell us how to apply creative thinking techniques to serious illness.

He was recently selected one of the top 15 speakers in North America by readers of Convention and Meetings Magazine. A Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff has been dubbed by Insider Magazine as the “The Guru of Creative Thinking”.

He believes in the power of creativity to manage the change that is inevitable with innovation and to look at what one does from an entirely new perspective. He helps people to not only cope with transition and adversity, but to creatively embrace and thrive from it.

He is the author of the just-released 2nd edition, business book, Coloring Outside the Lines, and he is the co-author of The Sales Coach and The Communication Coach.

Innovative Communication Techniques

Jeff Tobe, CSP

You might be surprised to know that coping with a difficult situation is easier when you use a little creativity. Spend an hour with Jeff, who is a cancer survivor, to get some fascinating insight and interesting ideas on how you can do just that. In this program you will discover:

  • “The Harvey Principle” and how you can use it to your advantage

  • The two adages that helped Jeff get through his own cancer experience

  • 4 personality “styles” and why it is important to recognize not only your own style, but the styles of the people you are dealing with.

  • 2 techniques for asking good questions

  • The most important communication skill

  • The three things that make you an effective communicator

  • The two types of ‘teams’ that support the patient

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